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IMC unable to backup DB

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IMC unable to backup DB

Trying to do a backup of IMC 7.3 database from the Intelligence Deployment Monitoring Agent and I am receiving several random errors. The most common is Invalid File Path, Please check the configuration.  Other times it will say Failed to connect to database listed below and will vary which one it says. For example qosm_db. 


See attached screenshots. 

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Re: IMC unable to backup DB


Good day!

IMC is still working fine except for the database error?

Microsoft KBs listed in the following advisory is installed on either the IMC or DB server, which can cause DB connection failures:

Can you please check above mentioned KB.

If possible can you capture IMC logs:

· On Windows: $IMCROOTDIR/iMC/deploy/logfiles.bat
· On Linux: $IMCROOTDIR/iMC/deploy/

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Re: IMC unable to backup DB

iMC appeared to be working fine up until today now we are having issues with UAM and TACACS. It is just saying username/password is incorrect. When I test LDAP connection from System > Operator Manager > LDAP Server it works, when I test from User > User Access Policy > LDAP Service > LDAP server it works fine

but when I do Sychronize user group it says No matched LDAP server exists. 

We have a few of those MS Updates installed and did the upgrade before doing the work around. What should we do now to fix this?

Is there a place I can upload the sysinfo.txt so you can review?