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Imc and info-center command

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Imc and info-center command

I have enabled the logging on all my 5500G-EI switches by the command : info-center enable.

When I execute the dis log command or when I have a look at the IMC syslog the logging is working fine.

Until the moment where I see in the log undo info-center enable. This command is excuted from the IMC management station. (the ip of the IMC is in the logging). After this command the logging stops of course.

Could there be something configured on our IMC management station which is disabling the info-center command ?

There are no scripts running  on the IMC that could undo the info-center command. I have tried to enter the info-center enable command several times. It always stays in the config for several hours or even days and then suddenly it disappears from the config.

I don't have this on the 8814 devices.


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Re: Imc and info-center command

Has there been any reply or resolution to this issue? I'm seeing the very same behaviour. We use mostly 7500 chassis and some 5500EI. iMC version 3.3