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Importing multiple MIB files into IMC

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Importing multiple MIB files into IMC


     I was hoping somebody may be able to offer me a bit of help. I am currently using a trial version of IMC (7.1) I am trying to import MIB files for Juniper SRX and Fortigate firewalls. The Juniper MIBs total 194. Now, I'm aware I may not require all of these, but the issue I am having is compiling them. I only seem to be able to compile one file at a time. Now, with 194 files to compile, this could take a while. Will the full (standard) version allow me to compile multiple files?


Is there any way to imprt multiple MIBs into IMC? 


Thank You



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Re: Importing multiple MIB files into IMC

The trial license unlocks all the features of the version you have installed. There are some differences between Basic, Standard & Enterprise, but assuming your trial version was Standard, it won't make any difference.


I believe you can upload a zip file containing multiple MIBs. I think this came in one of the 7.1 patch releases, so you might need to patch to the latest version first. 


That said, what are you importing all those MIBs for? What are you planning on doing with them. I ask because sometimes people misunderstand what a MIB file does - importing them alone doesn't change any IMC monitoring behaviour.

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Re: Importing multiple MIB files into IMC


      Thank you for the reply. To be perfectly honest, I have not yet had a look through the MIB files to see exactly which ones I require. I guess that this will be a customer requirement. When I deploy the full version on the system, I will then see if I can upload a ZIP file containing all the relevant MIBs.


Appreciate the help


On a completely seperate note, I have another issue I hoped you would may be able to help on.  I am trying to find out if HP comware can log ACL hits. I can see a standard ACL hit, but for a trouble shooting point of view, i'm looking for one similar to the cisco output. 


Here is an example of the comware output


Jan  5 21:26:25 merlin %%10ACL6/6/ACL_IPV6_STATIS_INFO(l):  Number 3000   rule 5 deny udp destination-port eq snmp logging  1 packet(s)


Here is the cisco output


May  1 22:12:13.243: %SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGP: list ACL-IPv4-E0/0-IN permitted
   tcp ->, 1 packet


Do you know if it is possible in comware to get a more detailed output with SRC>DEST information?


Kindest Regards