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Installation problem with already existing SQL Server

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Installation problem with already existing SQL Server



product name: Intelligent Management Standard Software Platform

operating system: windows server 2008 R2 64bit ( VM )


I have a problem with the installation of my IMC:


I need to install IMC on a VM that already has some software installed, which use their own SQL server and base.

The version of the SQL Server is 2008 SP2 and I know that version isn't compatible with IMC, so I dowloaded the SP3 patch and created a new instance, dedicated to IMC, which is running the SP3 version.

I can log me into this new instance by a simple command on my cmd.exe, so this new instance is working.


When I launch the IMC installation, the checking program find an already existing SQL Server, and ask me to enter its information (Instance name, credentials, Installation path).

Problem is once I entered all the information, the installation program tries to connect to my SQL Server but says to me it has a connectivity problem, telling me to check if the SQL Server is actually running.



Do you know where the problem is coming from ?


It really is an urgence and I can't find any solution to my problem



Thank you for your replies,


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Re: Installation problem with already existing SQL Server

Are you connecting to the instance with sa? The instance must be setup to allow both WIndows and SQL authentication. This bit me the first time too. Make sure you set an sa password in advance.


I attached a pic of the dialog box showing the use of sa to check connectivity.