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Live update query

Occasional Contributor

Live update query

Noticed this feature and that it implies it updates the imc software.

Haven't noticed much in the documentation for this feature.

How well does this work and is it worth the additional config?


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Re: Live update query

For network nodes you are managing,  it will list all the versions of firmware, and imports any selected into the software library for later deployment. It might be nice to have an option to exclude versions older than your baseline, which would shorten the list.

For IMC software it lists versions available for modules you have installed (all the versions), and downloads those selected via your browser to wherever you choose to save them. It does not initiate an upgrade. What is a bit clunky is that you have to query each module invidually, select any downloads and then repeat.

it works ok. Could be better but easier then looking up each product individually.