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MSM460's within Device View

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MSM460's within Device View

Hi All,


I dont seem to have my AP's in my device list but if i drill down to the WSM manager I can find them through the resource management within the WSM module - I just tried to add them manually into the device using Add Device and specifying a IP but it doesnt find it as a SNMP device, and connects the device as a ICMP device.


The management controller which is on the same subnet is within connected andd shows up in device view so i know that items on that subnet are contactable.


SNMP is enabled via the controller (MSM760)


Within the resource management all details on the performance details are explained.

I am looking to setup alerting for them (Which is why i need them in the other view if i am correct)





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Re: MSM460's within Device View

Never mind, i found how to get the alarms working from the AP's here: