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Modifying Device IP in HP IMC

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Modifying Device IP in HP IMC

Hi Everyone,

We are planning to change the management IP address of the all 150 switches in our campus LAN, so we would like to replace/modify the old IP addresses with the new ones because we want to retain all the previous syslogs, configuraiton files etc....  Rediscovering the devices with new IP addresses will add them as new devices and thats not an option.

I did found 2-3 posts here on HPE Community regarding the same query but the links containing intructions are not valid anymore.

Any help will be greately appreceated.

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Re: Modifying Device IP in HP IMC

You can do it by modifying the DB, but it's not a supported procedure. You can do it if you really want, it's not that hard. But you might get a few oddities happening.

You said that it's "not an option" to add as new devices: You have to decide how important is it to you to retain that data vs doing something unsupported. 

What is it that you *really* need from the old data? If it's just syslogs & config files, then you can just take copies of that data - the config files are stored on disk, and syslogs are periodically exported to text.