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Modifying VLAN Name with 'Space'

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Modifying VLAN Name with 'Space'

When I try to modify a VLAN name that contains a space, I recieve an error stating: 'Operation failed. The VLAN name contains invalid characters.Details:The VLAN name maybe include the following illegal characters:space, '?', '~'." All our switches are HP Switches that support spaces in the VLAN names - in fact, all our VLAN names contain spaces.

Is there some setting I am missing that I need to set to allow IMC to accept spaces for certian switches?

Thanks for your help and do let me know if you need any further information from me. 

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Re: Modifying VLAN Name with 'Space'

I verified this with Procurve switch which does support spaces. 

IMC at latest patch would not allow creation or edit of VLAN names using a space on this type of switch, even though the help tip indicates spaces are supported if the device vendor allows.  Do not see any settings, so must be a bug in the vendor spec part of the code.

IMC will synchronize the vlans from the switch and allow edits that replace the space with another valid character such as _

I don't use spaces in names as most devices use a space to separate parameters in CLI commands. 

Maybe just replace the spaces? Easy enough to do globally in imc.

But if that's not possible you will need to flag this to HP.

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Re: Modifying VLAN Name with 'Space'

Call me a geek, but I always strenuously avoid putting spaces in any kind of code, filenames, etc....

The space character has very minor benefits, and frequently causes problems...

Dennis Handly
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Re: Modifying VLAN Name with 'Space'

>The space character has very minor benefits, and frequently causes problems.


That's why we have a "_", instead of evil spaces  :-)