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Modules missing from service tab

Hi all

We are considering purchasing IMC at the collage I work for to manage the network, so I have install the IMC trails with the modules we would require to test it out. However after deploying the User Access Manager (UAM) module and the endpoint admission defence (EAD) module neither of them appear in the Services tab in IMC.


The intelligent deployment monitor displays them as being deployed but they do not appear under the service tab despite the manuals clearly showing both "endpoint admission defence" and "User Access Manager" in the list under the services tab.


The attachment is an image from the user manual illustrating what I mean (im missing this functionality)


Is there something I’m missing here?


thanks in advanced for any advice




Re: Modules missing from service tab

Hi, I have this problem on 7.1 did you ever get it resolved?

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Re: Modules missing from service tab

No unfortunately i never got this resolved, since my original post I haven’t been using IMC at all, I find it extremely slow and very clunky. To be fair I probably didn’t give it much of a go, but for our small to mid sized environment (not speaking for anyone else here) I can make changes to or network and check things much faster using the CLI so i never really liked the slow java based loading screens i had to stare at when using IMC. Which is why it seldom gets used anymore. But who knows maybe i just never had it setup correctly? 

Sorry i couldn’t be of any help 

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Re: Modules missing from service tab



Beginning in IMC/UAM 7.0, the UAM and EAD functions will be found under the User Tab instead of the Services Tab.  I have added an attachment of a screenshot showing the User Access Policy Options under the User Tab.


Hope it helps!

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