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Need help with SNMP in IMC 7.01

Occasional Advisor

Need help with SNMP in IMC 7.01

I am trying to monitor the state of my Dell disk.  When I do a SNMP Walk test, I get the following values:


28) (virtualDiskState.1) ready(1)
29) (virtualDiskState.2) ready(1)
30) (virtualDiskState.3) ready(1)
31) (virtualDiskState.4) ready(1)
32) (virtualDiskState.5) degraded(6)
33) (virtualDiskState.6) degraded(6)
34) (virtualDiskState.7) ready(1)
35) (virtualDiskState.8) ready(1)
36) (virtualDiskState.9) ready(1)


When I try to Add a Custom Index, i chhose the following:



Measurement:  Custom: State

Type:  [index1[0]:VirtualDiskState:1:0]

Instance Label (Definition OID):



When I go to resolve, I get the following values:

[Virtual Disk State::1]

[Virtual Disk State::6}


I am trying to get an alarm to alert when the value is not equal to 1; but I want to know which virtual disk is not equal to 1.


How do I get IMC to recognize all 9 virtual disk states individually?


Here is the OID information:

Name: virtualDiskState
Module: StorageManagement-MIB
Parent: virtualDiskEntry
Max Access: read-only
NumericalSyntax: Integer
ComposedSyntax: INTEGER
Status: mandatory
Enum List: 1:verifying(7) 2:permanentlyDegraded(52) 3:degraded(6) 4:backgroundInit(36) 5:initializing(35) 6:offline(4) 7:online(3) 8:failed(2) 9:formatting(26) 10:ready(1) 11:failedRedundancy(18) 12:reconstructing(32) 13:rebuilding(24) 14:regenerating(16) 15:resynching(15)
Description: The current condition of this virtual disk (which includes any member array disks.) Possible states: 0: Unknown 1: Ready - The disk is accessible and has no known problems. 2: Failed - Access has been lost to the data or is about to be lost. 3: Online 4: Offline - The disk is not accessible. The disk may be corrupted or intermittently unavailable. 6: Degraded - The data on the virtual disk is no longer fault tolerant because one of the underlying disks is not online. 15: Resynching 16: Regenerating 24: Rebuilding 26: Formatting 32: Reconstructing 35: Initializing 36: Background Initialization 38: Resynching Paused 52: Permanently Degraded 54: Degraded Redundancy



Occasional Advisor

Re: Need help with SNMP in IMC 7.01

The only value you should be concerned with is "" where it is Greater than or equal to "2" 


All the OID's past the are just there as temporary holders for past disk states.  If you confirm your addition and then go to monitor settings and add it to a device you should be able to monitor the value of which is more than likely "1 for Ready"  


You could then change the state of the drive and see what is populating realtime for the information your gathering.


Probably not the best help but similar to a statistic i'm gathering for signal quality on a wireless connection.  My issue is how to report on it more than just once..