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Problem IMC 7.2 plink.exe

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Problem IMC 7.2 plink.exe


I don't know if other user meet the same problem but since upgrade in IMC 7.2 , the plink.exe take 25% of CPU and when you have 4 plink.exe launched by IMC, the server is 100% CPU so web interface down and lots of task impossible.

Some one see the same problem ?



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Re: Problem IMC 7.2 plink.exe

I'm not seeing it, but my setup is a small lab.

My guess is it is trying to run some tasks, either polling tasks or scheduled tasks, and they are not going well. plink is used for telnet/ssh (one or the other or both, don't recall).  You could run wireshark on the IMC system (after you've restarted and hopefully have some CPU cycles) and filter for the telnet/ssh activity.  SSH won't show you much, but if you suspect it's an issue with what its trying to perform on a device you could temporarily configure telnet as the login-type for the device - just to see it in wireshark.

My first test however would be to verify access on all the devices.  Resources-->Batch operations--> check access settings... then select the devices you have setup in IMC for CLI access, and select the same login-type you have configured in IMC.  It will attempt to access each device based on the settings in IMC, if it can't the report will show it as 'inconsistent'.  On the other hand, if it's simply that IMC can't access the device with the provided credentials I wouldn't expect it to hold-up the plink process (it should timeout), unless maybe their are a number of devices in that state.

Good Luck