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Problem with MIB Management

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Problem with MIB Management

Hello Guys, 

    I have a problem when open MIb management, because keep in "Loading MIB tree" possible reset this??? 

   This happened since I deleted some mibs loaded by myself.


Version SO: Windows 2008 R2

Version IMC:  Platform (JG747AAE)    iMC PLAT 7.0 (E0102)




Thank very much!!


Well, loading this windows for 12 hours and nothing, it try Loading MIB yet.

I see the SQL server and no logs for this.


any suggestions??.


Thanks Alot.


Re: Problem with MIB Management

It seems that the Problem comes from the previously downloaded files MIB. At least I had the same Problem when installing updates IMC 7.0 E0102L03. Perhaps there are developers and they prompt it to solve.

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Re: Problem with MIB Management

I think you'll probably need to log a support case about this.

Re: Problem with MIB Management

Good day! The question was solved.
You need to install Microsoft Server Management Studio the free database tool.
The following table 'config_db' is a table 'imc_config.tbl_plat_operator'. Open for editing. column 'individual_info' delete all information about the file that is uploaded. Reboot and all should earn.
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Re: Problem with MIB Management

Hello, I also was having this issue with loading the MIB management. I am lookinag at the table you have described. While looking at the "imc_config.tbl_plat_operator" in MSSql Studio (Right click "Select Top 1000 Rows" you could go to the [individual_info] and see the MIB that had been uploaded. When viewing "Edit Top 200 Rows" It was not visible. Find commands on google so you can set the contents of the [individual_info] to NULL. Therefore you have set the contents to nothing clearing the bad MIB's that were uploaded. You do not have to Commit as it does it when you set the contents to Null. Great Help!