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Web-auth with IMC/UAM for wired procurve connection

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Web-auth with IMC/UAM for wired procurve connection


i have replaced a PCM/IDM's server to a IMC/UAM's server (IMC = 7.1 E0303P10 and UAM = 7.1 E0302P17).

All my switch are Procurve's product.

Before the migration to the IMC/UAM, with PCM/IDM The end custumer use web-auth with the internal captive portal of heir procurve switch. With the chap type authentication end a local user of the FreeRadius database.

Before, with PCM/IDM, some user haved a account in the Active Directory and a another in the local FreeRadius database and this issue was possible.

Now whit IMC/UAM, i can't creating this local user because this user name is already exists with ldap's user. I understand that this is normal.

But my question is, with IMC/UAM, it's possible to authenticate user, when the web-auth is use with ldap user?  (same as 802.1x authentication)

I have activated this in the procurve switch: aaa authentication web-based peap-mschapv2 , but I don't know what is correct.