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ACD R6.0 -- Most Idle Agent / Least Call Count

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ACD R6.0 -- Most Idle Agent / Least Call Count

So when using either the Most Idle Agent (MIA) or Least Call Count (LCC) algorithims to distribute calls, agents complain that they get barraged with consecutive calls when logging back in after a lunch break. The system is 'catching them up' to the other agents that took more calls (LCC) or spent more time on calls (MIA) while they were away and logged out.


There must be a way around this, any ideas?

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Re: ACD R6.0 -- Most Idle Agent / Least Call Count

Most idle agent uses an algorythym that sees the Most Idle agent , and sends the call to them if they are idle . A lot of considerations as well :


How many agents ?

Are they all logged in and taking inbound calls ?

Are they making outbound calls ? 


Anything to do with their tels being " offhook " ( On the tel )  and the system sees this as NOT Idle .... So it times them on the call being not idle .  Only if they sit there and do not take calls  is the correct way to lok at the idle timer


LCC works the same way   .  I do not think the system is using the teiomers to " catch up "


Run a test to see if all of the agents that are idle get calls . Look at the timers in real time and see what the agent idle times are prior to recieving a call .  You may also want to make sure you are running R6.0.63 or R6.5.22 P03 . Those are our 2 latest codes out there . 

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Re: ACD R6.0 -- Most Idle Agent / Least Call Count


if ACD group is "MIA", then the call goes to the agent that has not taken a call in the longest amount of time.

I could see if an agent comes back from lunch, that he/ she would get 1 call to "catch up" to the rest.. but that should be it... after the 1 call, then they go back to the bottom of the list


For LCC ACD groups, an agent coming back from lunch might get multiple calls until he/she is no longer the "least called" in terms of the number of calls.


MIA and LCC all base their start time on the hours that you set.. So if you have your ACD group set to "BusinessHours" and Business hours are 8am-5 pm... then the MIA and ACD timers will not reset again

until 8 am the next morning.


You might want to try setting your ACD group to "Custom Hours"... then you are defining "shifts". The MIA and LCC counters are then reset at the beginning of every shift.

For example, suppose you have customer hours set to 8am, the next one at 1pm.

At 8 am, everyone starts off the same... then at 1pm, the MIA and LCC timers are readjusted and everyone starts off the same again....just like at 8am...

Another way of explaining it, the MIA and LCC timers will be reset at the time you put in for the Start, S1, S2, etc time in Custom hours.

I am not sure if this will work for you.. but you can try it.. maybe have Start time at 8 am, S1 time at 12pm, S2 time at 1pm,.. then the counters will be reset at 8, then at 12, then at 1...


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Re: ACD R6.0 -- Most Idle Agent / Least Call Count

Have found an error in my base understanding of MIA -


This algorithm does not look at the agent who has been idle the longest TIME IN TOTAL within the defined group's hours or shift.


It looks at the agent who has been idle the longest within the defined group's hours or shift since he took the LAST call. He will therefore always get the first call when he logs back in to the middle of a shift, but will get no further calls until he has once again become the most idle since taking the LAST call.


I tested this in a live environment, it never made a mistake. Agents complaining of getting multiple calls in succession clearly had other factors involved in these scenarios.



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Re: ACD R6.0 -- Most Idle Agent / Least Call Count

Nice job ...