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Call coverage


Call coverage

Is there a way to have different call coverage for a user's extension depending if the call origin is internal vs external.

ie I have a high ranking user that gets lots of VM he wants to have seperate mailboxes, one where people dialing his extension from the outside get to leave messages and a different one where internal calls get to leave messages. Or is there a better way to accomplish this?

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Re: Call coverage

You may be able to create a phantom mailbox but it can get a little crazy as you are sending internal calls to his internal telephone , say ext 110  then you can create a phantom mailbox  , say 111 , and  put an MWI button on his tel and use that  phantom User 111  Mbox for all inbound external calls . Thats the only way I know how to do that ....

set up a phantom user and a phantom tel ( input the mac on the tel as something like 00e0bb000001 and assign the phantom user to it . Then point your external did  number to this mailbox on inbound calls .  In button mapping assign a button for MWI of this user mbox on his internal tels . Just remember attendant calls will need to go to this ext as well .

remember that calls go to the new user rather than his desk tel  so there are issues with setting it up this way and listening to new vmails on 2 users as you need to be aware of direct calls , transferred calls , internal and external calls etc .

A little crazy but it will work .


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Re: Call coverage

Along the same lines with what Merlin said...

Depending how crazy you want to get...remember that Dial Plan Table 1 is for 'Internal Extensions' (desk to desk included) and Table 2 is for 'Incoming DID and Auto Attendant'.  May take some thinking through, but if you create a 'dummy Hunt Group' that has the User as the only member, but has Call Coverage set to '*2xxx' (do you have the *2 pattern in your Dial Plans, for routing to Phantom Mailboxes??) then you can have Dial Plan Table 1 for the User be 'normal', but have Dial Plan Table 2 have a substitution route in place (e.g., Route 100) and the only member for Route 100 would be the Hunt Group you created for the User, that still rings his phone, but then Call Covers to the 'other' voicemail box.

Notes to consider--

 *This would be active for calls 'FROM' auto attendant, and 'FROM' DID calls

 *Caveat with the Hunt Group method- you can't Call Forward Hunt Groups, so the User would not be able to forward those calls

 *All the other caveats Merlin mentioned with attendant transfers, etc.