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IP Telephony - NBX
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nbx, ISDN prime, and 911 issues

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nbx, ISDN prime, and 911 issues


I have a 3Com NBX v5000 running 6.5.20. I have a ISDN Prime that all of our voice and fax traffic comes in and goes out on. If a person dials 911 from a 3com phone, the 911 operator gets the phone number and location of the ISDN Prime circuit. We have 3com phones spread out across 6 buildings. So when a user in building C dials 911 the information the 911 dispatcher sees is for building A which is where the ISDN prime terminates. I have called ATT and asked how to fix this. They tell me I have to have a 10 digit phone number for each extension I want to map a location to. Oh by the way the service is 911 locator ID and will cost about $5000. I have 54 10 digit telephone numbers on my ISDN prime and 102 extensions. ATT is telling me I have to order 3 blocks of 20 numbers, purchase the 911 locator ID service, and map each 10 digit telephone number to a location.

ATT can't take the caller ID that I am sending out as 911 calls don't go through the same equipment as a regular call.

So what do you do in this situation? Is there a different solution?


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Re: nbx, ISDN prime, and 911 issues

The NBX is capable of doing caller id of the tel number on the phone . Example your did is 508 323-5010

You can send this caller id information to your E911 services even tho your extension is 1010 or a different number from the DID . Thus , say ext 1010 , 508 323-5010 belongs to building 6 .

Then contact your carrier and have them update the E911 list that goes to the emergency folks .

A word of caution :

Just be careful to get this right as this can be very serious if a wrong number is included , and a 911 call is made !

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Re: nbx, ISDN prime, and 911 issues

I have caller id setup however that information is not available when making a 911 call. ATT strips that information or doesn't use it.

ATT is telling me I have to have a DID number for each extension. I should map each DID number to an extension which is easy to do. According to ATT once I do that the NBX will send that information to 911.

I have two problems with this.

1) I don't want each extension to have a direct dial number. How can I make it so I have the mapping but if someone trys to call that number they get the automated attendant instead?

2) I don't understand how the information will be sent to 911. Since ATT isn't using the caller ID how will they know which extension is calling?