How to detect swap space under ignite-ux shell

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How to detect swap space under ignite-ux shell

This question is out of curiosity. I booted my server into ignite-ux shell. I guess it is similar to single user mode except the system utilities availabilities. Then I did vgscan, vgimport to recreate my root volume group. After that, I ran lvlnboot -v, and got the following output:

# lvlnboot -v
Boot Definitions for Volume Group /dev/vgboot:
Physical Volumes belonging in Root Volume Group:
/dev/dsk/c1t15d0 (0/0/1/1.15.0) -- Boot Disk
Boot: lvol1 on: /dev/dsk/c1t15d0
Root: ??? on: /dev/dsk/c1t15d0
Swap: ??? on: /dev/dsk/c1t15d0
Dump: ??? on: /dev/dsk/c1t15d0, 0

it looks like it don't how which volume is used as swap. I thought the primary swap area is stored in the boot data reserved area (BDRA) in the LVM structures on disk. How can lvlnboot can not figure it out? I guess I can check the minor number of the each volume device file under vgboot. The second one (minor==2) should be the swap space (primary one). Am I correct?

Here comes more tricky question. How about secondary swap space? I did more experimental. I mounted my /dev/vgboot/lvol3 (root volume) to /ROOT, and there are two files under /etc/lvmconf:
1) vgboot.conf
2) vgdata.conf

I performed strinsg on both conf files, and the output is the following:

1) strings vgboot.conf:

Question: is "HPLVMBDRD" indicate this vg is root vg? what "VGSA0001DZ" means here?

2) strings vgdata.conf

Question: what "VGSA0001DZ" means here? swap? since it is not root vg, it should be secondary swap, am I right? also what "YE0VGDA0001" means?

Here is another tricky question. If it is not LVM device swap like I mentioned above, it is whole disk swap, how can I figure out at this stage? I used swapinfo, but it tells nothing about swap device name. I guess it only works after using swapon to enable the swap space. Then is there any way I can detect such swap space under ignite-ux shell?

Anyway, on Solaris, we can do prtvtoc to find the swap space, but there is no such command under HP-UX. Can someone throw some lights on this? Thanks!
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Re: How to detect swap space under ignite-ux shell

Could someone help me on this? Thanks!
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Re: How to detect swap space under ignite-ux shell


I think VGSA0001DZ is a temporary file created during the Ignite process.

This seems to be an interupted ignite installation.

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Re: How to detect swap space under ignite-ux shell

Not sure about your "ignite shell".
If you are talking about booting from a CD and run a recovery shell, the system is using a ramdisk, like other systems (linux) do while booting from a read-only media. Now there are filesystems on the ramdisk and on the real disk.

If you want to fix LVM settings, you should boot from the boot disk in LVM maintenance mode (ISL> hpux -lm).

Hope this helps!

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