Ignite make_net_recovery error

Chris Devlin
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Ignite make_net_recovery error


I'm trying to restore a make_net_recovery image. The restore is failing with the following error:

"NOTE: loadfile: Process killed by signal: 2"

The Ignite server is B.11.11
The Ignite version is B.3.6.82
The server being restored to is 10.20

Any ideas?

Many thanks
Prashant Zanwar_4
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Re: Ignite make_net_recovery error

kill -l

says signal 2 is int, that is interrupt. How are you trying acheiving it. try using -i -s

option, this is interactive and needs two nfs mounts from server to client.

Hope this helps
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Cheryl Griffin
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Re: Ignite make_net_recovery error

Are there other associated messages? Without more detail, I'd say the messages are related to VxVm which is not compatible on 10.20.
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