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Ignite question


We have developers that are developing a product, it is conflicting with out ignite backup. What they are doing is that, when a developer export out a volume group, it removes device file and associated directory from /dev and it leaves the mount point entry in /etc/fstab. Now, when make_net_recovery runs on the weekend to backup the OS on the server it goes and queries the entries in fstab file. At this point the backup fails because it can???t find some of the device files.

I have been fixing this manually by commenting out the entry in fstab file and re run the backup. Any better way to do this or any good idea to fix this issue where I can tell ignite backup to not to check against /etc/fstab would be really nice.


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Re: Ignite question

This is going to have to be a manual process since Ignite will always check the validity of your filesystems before making the archive.

The last thing you want is to rely on a backup and then find when you need it, that it's invalid.

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Re: Ignite question

hello mike,

Maybe its up to the developers to find
a solution ? It cant be that difficult that
their program or script also removes the entries out of /etc/fstab or put them
in comment.