Installing applications using ignite

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Prakash Achuthan
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Installing applications using ignite


I have an application which comes packaged as tar file. Is it possible for me to use ignite-ux to install this on multiple servers without reinstalling HP-UX on those servers?

Or, in other words, can I have a configuration (in the INDEX file) for installing my application which omits the disk layout config file.

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Re: Installing applications using ignite


A few questions for clarification:

1) What is the application that you are trying to install.
2) Why is it necessary to re-install HPUX with the installation of the product, or is it?
3) What model/version O/S are you running?
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Re: Installing applications using ignite

Hi Prakash,

Ignite ux is used to install any application alongwith the OS only. You cannot install an application seperately without reinstalling the OS using Ignite.

Take a look at the Ignite UX administration guide,


Hope this helps.

Santosh Nair_1
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Re: Installing applications using ignite

You'd first have to package your application as SD depot file. See the swpackage man page for more details on how to do this. Once that's done, you can just swcopy your application depot to the Ignite server.

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Roger Baptiste
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Re: Installing applications using ignite

Ignite make_recovery is used for installing/cloning systems , not applications.
So, i don't think you can selectively copy a set of files alone.

But, why would you want to do it?? If it is a tar file and you want to save yourself the installation chores on every box, can't you just tar(or swpackage) the install directories into a tape or file and copy it across?

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Darrell Allen
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Re: Installing applications using ignite

Hi Prakash,

I suppose you could do that but...

Ignite is for rebuilding your server. The first "tape file" written is a boot image. The second is a tar of what's in vg00 (or whatever you specify). So, unless you are going to clone the servers I wouldn't use Ignite. Since you say "without reinstalling HP-UX on those servers" I presume you just want to install the application.

If you want to selectively include the files needed for the application (I presume there are config / parameter files not included in the installation tar file), why not just make a new tar file? Seems much easier.

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Prakash Achuthan
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Re: Installing applications using ignite

Hi all,

My question is very simple.
I want to fire an ignite installation of an application (in tar or SD format) from my ignite-ux sever without reinstalling the OS on that client machine.

Basically, I want to use ignite-ux for doing distributed installation on a large number of m/c's from the ignite-ux server.

Frank, my m/c config is B.11.00 A 9000/871

Steven Gillard_2
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Re: Installing applications using ignite

I don't think Ignite is the product for that. You need ServiceControl Manager, which can be downloaded for free from http://www.software.hp.com/products/SCMGR

It allows you to install software on remote machines using SD. I believe this product supercedes OV/SD which used to provide this functionality?

The sd(5) man page also contains some information, under "Remote Operation".

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Re: Installing applications using ignite

Hi Pracash,

Hope it's not too late !
Why you don't use the unix command "rdist" for distribution, it's really powerfull and regouruos.