Missing files in Ignite Unix ??

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Missing files in Ignite Unix ??

Hi all,

Just want to know will there be any files missing in VG00 by Ignite Unix backup? I use Ignite server "Create Network Archive" function and do the full backup of VG00, however after I restore it from the image, it seems that /etc/exports in missing after that. ( I pretty sure it's there before I create the image ) Beside that, other work fine. So any one has idea, or better tell me the list that not include in Ignite?? Thx.

Steve Steel
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Re: Missing files in Ignite Unix ??


Full list in



# The LEVEL2_NO_ARCHIVE variable lists things that should NOT go into
# the archive. They are removed from the list of files sent to the pax
# command. If the object listed is a directory, then the entire subtree
# (including that directory) will be ignored. Use /* to just
# ignore the contents of a directory (remember * does NOT include "dot
# files"). Posix shell pattern matching notation can be used. Comments
# (beginning with #) are ok.

Steve Steel
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Re: Missing files in Ignite Unix ??

Hi Steve,

Thx for your list, I do find /etc/exports & /etc/fstab are "supposed not in the list", but I found it's not that right, coz I do have non VG00 entry in fstab , however, it still there after the restore, also /var/adm/crash/* is also in the list, but after refresh, everything was there... so am I misunderstand the list??

Martin Burnett_2
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Re: Missing files in Ignite Unix ??

Hello Gordon,

You are half way there. The missing component is the os_arch_post_l script. This script runs after the archive is restored (post load). You'll see in it that some files are saved (save_file), and some files are merged (merge_file):

# Handle the recovery mode case first. Note that recovery mode is only
# used went restoring a system created by make_recovery or make_net_recovery
# The files below that are operated on by "merge_file", are files
# that Ignite-UX is allowed to modify based on the information in the
# config file or from the UI. If you do not want to have IUX touch
# these files at all, you can change the merge_file to a save_file.
# However, if you make this change, any changes to their content via
# the user interface will be ignored.
# For example if "merge_file /etc/rc.config.d/netconf" is changed to
# a "save_file", then that file will always be preserved. And any
# changes to the hostname and IP address in the user-interface will
# not be made to the file.
if [[ "$RECOVERY_MODE" = "TRUE" ]]; then
echo " * Running in recovery mode (os_arch_post_l)."
merge_file /etc/hosts
merge_file /etc/resolv.conf
merge_file /etc/rc.config.d/namesvrs
merge_file /etc/rc.config.d/netconf
merge_file /etc/rc.config.d/netdaemons
merge_file /etc/ntp.conf
merge_file /etc/fstab

# If cloning to a different model of machine, _HP_CLONING will
# be true (it can also be set via the Additional UI screen). In
# this case remove the kernel which will allow IUX to rebuild it,
# plus remove device files which will get rebuilt by insf or
# might be inappropriate.

This is a relatively new functionality in Ignite, the older versions simply copied the "clean install" file from /usr/newconfig.

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