Problem Install HP-UX from ignite server


Problem Install HP-UX from ignite server

I did all steps from Quick Start Guide http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c01942660/c01942660.pdf

Lan Interface in same subnet. But i have problem/

Please select a boot option

EFI Shell [Built-in]
HP-UX Ignite
Boot option maintenance menu

Use ^ and v to change option(s). Use Enter to select an option
Loading.: HP-UX

Client MAC Address: FE 10 40 52 D4 C3 .....\
PXE-E16: Valid PXE offer not received.
Load of HP-UX failed: Not Found
Paused - press any key to continue

Tim Nelson
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Re: Problem Install HP-UX from ignite server

First guess is that there is another DHCP server on the same network responding faster that the Ignite server.

What model HW ? If IA then you can use dbprofile to configure direct boot from ignite server.

if PA-RISC then you can try "search lan install" from the boot prompt but I have not tried this.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Problem Install HP-UX from ignite server


Possible problems:

1) Ignite server is not enabled inetd.conf tftp bootp and inst_ needs to be enabled and inetd daemon needs to be bounced.

2) Network connection on the new system is not the same subnet as the Ignite server.

3) Network connection is not wired at all on the new server.

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