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golden image custom configuration

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golden image custom configuration

Hi experts,


I am in the process of creating a custom golden image which can be used for a lot of servers installation through a bootable DVD.

so far I have created the image and modified configuration file, also combined those files into a iso9660 DVD iso file successfully.


My question is, when I use this iso for recovering on other server, the sizes of file system on that server is quite different from my original system, it looks like target server is using default file system layout.

I tried to search in ignite admin docs, but all of them were saying recover from ignite server but not DVD ISO image.

So, just wondering is there any configuration file can define file system, if so what the filename is?

pradeep m

Re: golden image custom configuration

Have you executed the below command while creating the golden image configuration?
# /opt/ignite/lbin/archive_impact -t -g archive_file


The above command extracts the file system size from the archived image and this result needs to be updated in the Golden Image configuration file.

Golden image example configuration file is /opt/ignite/data/examples/B.11.11.golden_image.cfg. 

Please refer the "Configuring the Ignite-UX Server to Recognize the Golden Image" section in the Ignite-UX Admin guide for detailed instructions.

For latest Ignite-UX Admin Guide, refer the below web link.



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Re: golden image custom configuration

hi Pradeep,


Of course I have ran you mentioned command, below is the results from this command,
    impacts = "/" 17Kb
    impacts = "/dev" 16Kb
    impacts = "/etc" 44100Kb
    impacts = "/home" 20Kb
    impacts = "/opt" 5265867Kb
    impacts = "/root" 2Kb
    impacts = "/sbin" 166840Kb
    impacts = "/stand" 172132Kb
    impacts = "/usr" 2934091Kb
    impacts = "/var" 1561182Kb

Then I just wondering, are those results talking about the sizes of file system? If so, how could the / just showing as 17K? Besides, /dev/ and /etc are not the file system, are they?

But I didn't try to modified those values to what I expected, cause I saw the descriptions

        # Here we describe how much space is used in each of the mentioned
        # subdirectories.  This information is obtained by running the
        # "archive_impact" command against an archive as follows:
        #       /opt/ignite/lbin/archive_impact -tg hostnameIA.gz
        # The output from the above command should replace the "impacts"
        # statements below.

in /opt/ignite/data/examples/B.11.11.golden_image.cfg


In addition, "Configuring the Ignite-UX Server to Recognize the Golden Image" this section is taking about configure Golden Image through Ignite server, but not ISO image in my view.


Any further information needed? I'm so happy to talk with you. :)

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Re: golden image custom configuration

Finally we have resolved this issue.

When you generate the LIF volume file, you should include custom configuration file as well, then your customizations will be applied for this image.

In my case, custom cfg file was placed in /var/opt/ignite/data/config.local,

hence we need to run following commands for combine all cfg file into LIF volume file.

/opt/ignite/bin/make_medialif -a -r B.11.31 \
-f /opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.31/config \
-f /var/opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.31/config.local \
-f /var/tmp/image/archives/B.11.31.golden_image.cfg \
-l /var/tmp/image/archives/B.11.31.lifimage