ignite error - Cannot load OS archive

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ignite error - Cannot load OS archive

Any ideas what I can check?

* Download_mini-system: Complete

* Loading_software: Begin

* Installing boot area on disk.
* Formatting HP Service Partition.
* Enabling swap areas.
* Backing up LVM configuration for "vg00".
* Processing the archive source (HP-UX Golden Image).
* Tue Sep 11 03:26:28 EDT 2007: Starting archive load of the source (HMS
SOE 06/2007 HP-UX 11.23IA NPAR golden image).
cat: Cannot open /tmp/ign_configure/archive_nfs/11.23IA_062007_npar.gz: No such file or directory
* Completed 0 KBytes of archive

gunzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
pax_iux: The archive is empty.
ERROR: Cannot load OS archive (HMS SOE 06/2007 HP-UX 11.23IA NPAR golden

The configuration process has incurred an error, would you like
to push a shell for debugging purposes? (y/[n]): *
Response was: y

* Loading_software: Error

======= 09/11/07 03:28:43 EDT Installation complete: Failure

NOTE: Search for the word "ERROR" in the log file for details:
on a server: /var/opt/ignite/clients//install.log
on a client: /var/opt/ignite/local/install.log
NOTE: Rebooting system.
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Re: ignite error - Cannot load OS archive


maybe the nfs share of the ignite server is not mounted.
Check on ignite server /etc/exports for an entry of the new server.
$cat /etc/exports
/var/opt/ignite/clients -anon=2
/var/opt/ignite/recovery/archives/yourserver -anon=2,access=yourserver

if there is nothing add the specific entry and restart the nis.server deamon (/sbin/init.d/nfs.server start / stop).

hope this helps

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Re: ignite error - Cannot load OS archive



The error messages indicate an issue with the contents of the archive file.
Typically files like sbin/%sh and %monitor_bpr are created by Ignite during an
installation and deleted afterwards, therefore they should never be present in
a golden image.

It could be that there was a problem during the installation of the system
used to build the golden image and that these files were left behind, later
making it into the archive.

The best thing would be to remove all the files pax_iux complained about
from the source system and rebuild the golden image. Just remember to add a /
in front of the name reported by pax_iux, for instance sbin/%sh really
is /sbin/%sh.

If it is not possible to recreate the golden image you can try to push a shell
on the client console when the installation process gives you this option. At
the prompt type "exit 2" (without the quotes) and hit Enter, there are good
chances that the installation will complete successfully. After the system
reboots delete the %xxxxx files.

In this instance, the source system was destroyed. If this is the case, the
files can in theory be removed from the archive. Extract the archive to an
empty directory/filesystem, remove the files and then recreate the archive.
since only a few small files are involved it is not necessary to run
archive_impact and update the configuration files.

The general procedure is:

cd /some_empty_directory
gzcat archive_name | tar xvf -
Remove the files
tar cvf - . | gzip > new_archive_name
Change the config file of the golden image to use new_archive_name instead of archive_name.

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Re: ignite error - Cannot load OS archive

'Cannot open /tmp/ign_configure/archive_nfs/11.23IA_062007_npar.gz'

is key, does this file really exist?

Run 'instl_adm -T' on your ignite server, see if any errors are found.
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Re: ignite error - Cannot load OS archive

To fix the problem, have a restore done on the Ignite Server for the file that is missing named: /tmp/ign_configure/archive_nfs/11.23IA_062007_npar.gzORmaybe it is your NFS server down assuming archive_nfs might be nfs mounted. This might not be Backed From Backups ;-(exportfs -avAt the same time.... Get a hold of the Ignite person who created the Golden Image. Ask:1. did you change the Config .cfg after making the Golden Image, what changed ? Look at the output from: instl_adm -T on the Ignite Server. cd to the directory where the *.cfg are located and Grep _npar.gz *.cfgAny Matches ? Do you see /tmp at all in the *.gz paths ?2. In the .cfg that was matched (assume this is the _npar .gz one) answer these questions:a) what is Source path for the Archives now? grep nfs_source *.cfgCould look like: nfs_source = "IP_ADDR_OF_IGNITE_SERVER : /tmp/ign_config/...b) what is the Archive path for the actual Archives being saved ** This is your Problem Now ** grep archive_path *.cfgdo you see /tmp in the path ?I believe the /tmp directory got wiped out for all the /tmp/ign_configure. This should be changed to a mounted up file system to place the Archives, like a /myfilesystem/archives or use the default /var/opt/ignite/archives from the Ignite Server.Most likely someonw remove the file from the /tmp directory named on the Ignite Server:/
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Re: ignite error - Cannot load OS archive

I had a symlink in the exported nfs directory pointing to the actual image.

So when it came to the download, it downloaded the actual symlink instead of the actual image.

So I just added the actual directory to /etc/exports and re-exported and ignited again.

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Re: ignite error - Cannot load OS archive

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