ignite server setup?

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ignite server setup?

Hi there,

I have a ignite server setup running 11.11 with ignite version C.6.2.241. I have copied OS version 11.11 & 11.23 into the depot and ran make_config command to update the INDEX.

When I tried to install OS from client console (boot lan x.x.x.x install), it only allows me to install 11.11, in the boot prompt the following is displayed:

ISL booting hpux KernelPrompt "Choose Operating System to Install :" 120 1

1. target OS is B.11.11
2. Exit

Choose Operating System to Install :

Anything I was missing on the UX server setup??


Steven E. Protter
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Re: ignite server setup?

Shalom Simon,

Did you do swcopy to copy the Core OS into the Ignite server?

Is that install point exported on NFS?

If security allows, can you post your INDEX file?

Right now, there are a wide range of possible issues.

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Re: ignite server setup?

Hi Steve,

Pls see the attached INDEX file. Yes, I was using swcopy to copy the 11.23 core os into the depot then run make_config.

The depot is not NFS exported, even the Release 11.11, but I am still able to select Rel 11.11 for installation.