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Configure hpsmh after image nodes.

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Configure hpsmh after image nodes.


I notice that after deploy images , I can not
access the hpsmh. donig lsof i can see port 2301 bind only to localhost. I can fix it with /usr/local/hp/ . but on standrd installation the hpsmh bind to the server hostname too.

Is there a problem using the perl script ? or should i leave this binding as is.


Shalom Klemer
Occasional Visitor

Re: Configure hpsmh after image nodes.

If you installed the SMH component via ICLE using one of the "Install Proliant Support Pack for RHEL/SLES" task chains, the SMH configuration should be set to be visible to ICLE via the blade Manage page. If you installed the SMH component manually, you must configure it manually. Specifically to make the SMH visible to ICLE you must allow ICLE access via the SMH configuration (we set IP-BINDING="YES" and IP-BINDING-LIST="" for example).

Hope this helps with the issue.

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Re: Configure hpsmh after image nodes.

Thanks !!!

I will check the config file on customer site.

We installed the PSP with the ICLE script,

And now i understand that the hpsmh visible only to icle subnet.

Thanks again.