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Installing ICE failed

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Installing ICE failed


I am doing upgrade from icle to ICE.

First thing is missing lines on preserving ip address shell script “Moving icle to ICE-linux” ( at the end 3 lines ..
echo “ fixed-address $IP “
echo “ option host-name $hostname “

I got 5 c7000 enclusers & the OA of each of them give dhcp ip to each blade.

Netmask first enc : – ( 50-66 , 70-86 , 90-106 , 110- 126 )

After installing the Server ( rhel4u6) fixed the /etc/hosts to be localhost.localdomain localhost Ice ( I Must Have Full Qualified name ??? )

Then I start the INSTALL.SH .

I am building the dhcp server on my ice server so the entries for the dhcp was:
netmask , start ip end ip

for the Enter the default management processor user name: [Administrator]
Enter the default management processor password:

I put the OA username & password .( IS THIS CORRECT ??? )

The script failed with :

Logging in
Proxy =
java.lang.Exception: Authentication failed.
ERROR: create_MxpiMainService returned 2304
Error: /opt/hptc/cms/bin/setup_cms returned: 1
Error: post install failure

1. My question is : what can cause for such an error ? ( I checked /etc/hosts & I entered the correct username & password during the ice installation )
2. I must install psp8.0 on the cms server ???


Shalom Klemer.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Installing ICE failed


Everything is working.

I upgrade to v2.01 & everything goes well.


Shalom Klemer