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Linux Image Deploy.....

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Linux Image Deploy.....


Today the customer called me & say that he try to deploy an image , The job is seen as finished but when he login the system ( he can only login via the management ) he see the disks like : /mnt/main /mnt/var ...
( it remindes me similer as i reboot from rescue CD ). Actually there is no system there.

Any hints what to check ?
I will be there on sunday.


Shalom Klemer.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Linux Image Deploy.....


Find out what the image was made with. If for example acronis, you must boot with an acronis cd and then you can install the image.

Otherwise its boot with a rescue cd and probably waste a lot of time and achieve nothing.


Shabbat Shalom
Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Robert Crockett
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Re: Linux Image Deploy.....

Hello Klemer,

1) First thing is how did he setup the deploy as far as the filesystem and partitions ? (specifically options in the provision wizard that define this)
2) Does he have more then 4 partitions ?
3) What is the filesystem ? (ext3, reiser, etc.)
4) Did you view the job log to see what it says ?
5) What linux OS are we talking about ?

If he has more than 4 partitions, there is a problem with ICLE versions 1.0, 1.1, and 1.5 and he will need the update (v1.60) to fix this.
Also, you can provision the task "Boot to Linux Maintenance Environment" and use the remote VGA console via the iLO or direct VGA with the SUV cable and a monitor and keyboard. This will boot up a ramdisk and you can then mount the filesystem on the drive to see what actually was deployed. This is the same as booting from an emergency repair disk.

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Re: Linux Image Deploy.....

Hi Robert.

When I installed the system & check installation , capture & deploy ,everything going well.

The customer using RHEL 4.0 U4 32bit , fs=ext3 . I tested the system with 3 partitions. I will be there on sunday & check everything you suggested.

I dont think he is using more then 4 partitions ( i think he add /var to /boot,/,swap ).


Shalom Klemer
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Re: Linux Image Deploy.....

Hello Again.

Today I was at customer site. - we figure out the problem: the deployment job finished but the last step not occered. ( soft reset) - after shutting down the machine & boot everything work fine. We notice that even if we are runnig task: "power cycle service" the machine shutdown but not comming up, after restart same job the system come up.

( kickstart installation work just fine)

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Robert Crockett
Valued Contributor

Re: Linux Image Deploy.....

Hmmm... not sure why the system reset did not occur ?

Have you verified that the iLO is at the minimum requirement for ICLE ? (below is a link to the PDF found at