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OS deployment - the missing manual???

Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
Regular Advisor

OS deployment - the missing manual???

So - I'm OK with "basic OS deployment" - but I need some assistance with making this _really_ work in a production environment.

IP Addressing:
I have Blades with 4 NICs - how can I, as part of a RHEL deployment, set the IPs on ALL the NICS short of manually editing the KS file for each server? Are folks generally doing this with an external DHCP server (which is not an option for me here).

General config data:
Similarly, what about other "conf" data that is unique per server? As simple as setting hostname, and as complex as building data for iSCSI connectivity.

Is there a best practice here that folks have found functional???

Don Vanco - Linux Ninja
Regular Advisor

Re: OS deployment - the missing manual???

So I've been thinking about scripting -

Is there a logical / predictable / consistent IP addressing schema that ICLE hands out to servers (for the management network) as they are installed? What about host names?

Is this documented somewhere?

If I can predict an IP range or hostnames I can write a script to scp and/or ssh "echo" config files as I need them