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SLES 9 install via ICLE on a bl460c Blade

Neil Foiles_1
Occasional Contributor

SLES 9 install via ICLE on a bl460c Blade

We are attempting to install SLES 9.3 on a bl460c using Insight Control Linux Edition 1.6. The install task advises us that eth1 must be used for network installs on a bl460c.

Our problem is that eth0 is the only accessible NIC on this Blade. What is the reason for this restriction and is a workaround available?

Robert Crockett
Valued Contributor

Re: SLES 9 install via ICLE on a bl460c Blade

Hi Neil, sorry for the delayed response.

You are correct that ICLE "advises" the use of eth1 for provision tasks on that specific HP Blade Server (note: advises and not mandatory). The reason is that eth1 is the NIC that is connected to the ICLE "Management Network", hence eth1 is the NIC that can get back to the ICLE hard drive which is where the OS bits are stored for use during the Suse SLES native installer. You can use any available NIC you desire, it must simply have connectivity back to where the OS bits are stored on the ICLE hard drive. The ramdisk that the blade is booted to enumerates eth1 to be that NIC. So, we advise the use of that NIC.