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Insight Control for Linux
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VCA not showing installed software via port 2381

Frequent Advisor

VCA not showing installed software via port 2381

I've been having problems getting the SMH to show the installed VCA inventory. I'm not using a repository manager but this is something that showed up somewhere between PSP 8.3 and 8.4. I install my own agent/PSP in this order:



In the SMH the "installed software" is empty. In the log I see this " vc_agent_task The ProLiant Insight Agents are not installed or running, so inventory data is not available." - which is certainly not true.

I've compared the snmpd files and they are identical between a working an a non working system. Working is RH53 and non working is anything later with the agents from PSP840 or 850 installed.

Any thoughts? This is driving me crazy!

Re: VCA not showing installed software via port 2381

I think will work better if you uninstall the rpm's and the let it install by runnig the install script, you will need the agents for the smh to work properly(I dont see them listed on your out put), regarding snmpd you only need to send traps to the local host if not using a cms. finally you will need the repository manager if you like VCA to compare your SW list.
also will be a good idea to confirm at the readme file of the PSP if your kernel is supported.

hope this help
Frequent Advisor

Re: VCA not showing installed software via port 2381

All the "agents" are installed. The rest are drivers. Which agent do you see as missing?