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configure systemimager for multiple network interfaces

Holger Zierold
Occasional Contributor

configure systemimager for multiple network interfaces

We are using ICE 2.01 and the ICE clients to be managed and imaged are connected to the CMS via different networks and network interfaces. Discovery and management is working fine.
So far I have tested the imaging process only on one interface but I'm now missing an option to enable systemimager to work with multiple networks.
There seems to be only one entry possible with the "option option-140" in the dhcpd.conf.

How can I manage to handle this?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: configure systemimager for multiple network interfaces


I would write a post deployment script to reconfigure the Network interfaces after installation of the image.

You can't build everything into the image and Linux is a little schetchy about how it assigns network interfaces (eth0,etc) at install time.

Steven E Protter
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Holger Zierold
Occasional Contributor

Re: configure systemimager for multiple network interfaces

Hello Stephen,

thanks for the quick response. Maybe I was not precise enough:

We have clients connected via 3 different physical networks to the CMS.

On the the CMS we have --> eth1 (1st group of servers) --> eth3 (2nd group of servers) --> eth5 (3rd group of servers)

Each group of servers represent a different project on the customer side and is physically seperated and needs a different network interface on the CMS.

When I put one of these networks into the dhcpd.conf with the
option option-140 ""
I will not be able to reach the servers in the other networks with SystemImager. My question was if I can multiple "option-140" statements or multiple IP's listed in one statement.

Best regards
Rigoberto Corujo
Frequent Advisor

Re: configure systemimager for multiple network interfaces

Hello Holger,

ICE-Linux only supports a single interface to the managed systems.