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Changing the I/P address of the server

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Tom Gore
Regular Advisor

Changing the I/P address of the server

We will be moving our data center soon. Our HP9000 HPUX-11.0 will have a new I/P address. Is there a way to update the ISEE configuration with a new I/P address, or is my only option to uninstall and reinstall ISEE?
Frank Alden Smith
Trusted Contributor

Re: Changing the I/P address of the server


ISEE incident notification depends on establishing an http connection (port 80) to the ISEE content server (e.g., -- you don't have to configure your HP-UX server's IP to do this. However you must make sure that the server in its new location on your network can browse to the content server. That is it must be able to:

o resolve the content server name
o connect to your web-proxy (if any)
o pass packets through your firewall

I hope that answers your question.

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