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Collections not working properly.

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Collections not working properly.

I can't get the collections to work properly on our P2000 G3 SAS 1.jpg

I have configured SNMP notification on P2000, using the write/read key auth in Insight RS.
I have also added WBEM (Same login as for the P2000?) to the Insight RS auth.

The device show green check that it's registrered.

Hardware displays ieverything it should, ip, product, serial, product number.

I've added our SAID key and it now shows coverage hours.

So am I'm missing something? This is my first time using Insight Remote Support. The discovery found the device and I added SNMP and WBEM auth for it and it gave me more information but the collection does'nt seem to be working still. Is there anything else required aswell?


Re: Collections not working properly.

It sounds like you have set things up correctly.  If you go to the "red X" that shows collections - and click on it - is there any information in the popup screen?

It should be telling you what is wrong - such as "unable to login, bad credentials" - or something else.

Do you have the WBEM providers installed on the P2000 device? That is also required.  If the WBEM providers are not installed, the collections will not work properly.  If this is the case, the "pop-up" information should indicate that you need to install the providers.

If this is all done correctly, and still having issues - please log a call with HPE support to get some more focused help.


I am an HPE employee.