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HPE -IRS -failure servers

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HPE -IRS -failure servers

Dear All,

I have just upgraded my IRS to latest version ( but it still shows failed of all of 6 HP servers as below screenshot. Could you please advise what should I do?
Here is what I have been done for this setup:

- Added the RIBCL protocol to the Insight RS Console
- Discovered the ProLiant server in the Insight RS Console
- Send a test event to verify connectivity between your ProLiant server and Insight RS as attached email.

Thanks for your support as always.


Re: HPE -IRS -failure servers

Hi  huanguyen, this may end up requiring a support call - but can you please try one more time to provide information?

Navigate to the "Devices" page (*use the pulldown in the upper left corner)

Find one of the devices with the issue.  You should see a red "X"

see attachment "device_error.png" 

Click on that red "X" and include the contents of that popup dialog box, which should include some information on why I-RS is not connecting.

Also - select one of the devices - so you can see the device details.  On the upper right corner of the user interface, but still in the "device" area, there is a tab called "Journal" that details the "discovery" activities of that device.  There MAY be some useful information in there.

Provide the details of the popup dialog box, and maybe I can see something to assist.  (I would not copy the journal contents here directly, as they contain IP addresses and such that many consider private information)


I am an HPE employee.
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Re: HPE -IRS -failure servers

Hello toddg1,

I apologize for my late reply, the attached is the red X information. 

The contract HPE is expired so that is a cause and I do not have a chane to monitor our servers hardware without HPE contact?

Many thanks for your support.

Regards, Huan


Re: HPE -IRS -failure servers

Yes, a valid entitlement, either warranty or a post warranty service contract, is required for HPE Insight Remote Support to monitor devices.  

I am an HPE employee.