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IRS database size

Mossman (Richard)
Occasional Contributor

IRS database size


Is it possible to 'housekeep' the IRS/WEBES database to keep its size down? We have a customer whose server running IRS is running out of disk space. Most of the entries are PostgresSQL and it is felt that the DB could be reduced.

My thoughts are that they may need uninstall IRS/WEBES. Clearing out old folders and then Re-installing IRS would bring the DB down to base size - Potentially overkill but should do it.

If there is an easier way to manage this, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Trusted Contributor

Re: IRS database size

Hi Richard,

IRS Standard uses the database of WEBES. With about 40 managed devices and about 600 service incidents the size of the database itself is up to 700MB. The whole IRSS Installation incl. data covers in this example about 2.5GB.
IRSS I run on 36GB drives. About one halft is free.
If you're running now WEBES 6.0 or newer the Postgres 8.3 database system can be removed.
How to work with and maintain WEBSS is described the WEBES documentation.

Regards, Werner
Mossman (Richard)
Occasional Contributor

Re: IRS database size

Hi Werner

Thanks for the clarification. I will check to see whether the customer has upgraded to version 6. if so, i will advise to remove the old DB.

Best regards


Re: IRS database size

Hi Werner,
I have the same issue, I did a fresh SIM 6.2 and WEBES 6.0 installation. I managed to control the SIM DB by creating some rules and stuff but WEBES is sitting over 10GB now.
Any ideas.

Regards K