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IRS is not sending test alert

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IRS is not sending test alert



We have configureD IRS 7.1 " Configuring P6000 and Enterprise Virtual Arrays"  and test to send alerts and no event is recieved on IRS Server..



we DONOT configure SIM   is it necessary?



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Re: IRS is not sending test alert

Take care the IRS installation is a little bit tricky.

wccproxy should be installed manually. The version control does also an install, but this is only prepartion for the manual install. The documentation should mention does steps in the 7.10 version.

See the service event View for details after wwcproxy test or a test event generated by the console (ex. CommandView EVA).


Most important IRS7.0 only alerts for system under warranty or with a valid service contract.

(IRSS/IRSA alerted also system without contract).  

Check if you see that your system (if you have P6000 with 7*24 check with HP that your IRS Server has also 7*24)


Your right you can run  IRS7.x standalone (or together with SIM7.x).