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ISEE & Insight Manager or IM Agents

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ISEE & Insight Manager or IM Agents

I'll be installing ISEE on 5 Proliant servers running Windows 2003. Two of the servers are running an old version of Compaq Insight Manager. Two servers don't have any version of Insight on it. The other two servers are running HP SIM 4.2(?) I think. In my ISEE installation guide it says I need Insight Management Agents.

I noticed the latest IM Agents version is 7.4 something. Is this separate from the Insight Managers I'm using? Do these agents work with the older versions of Insight Manager? Do I have to upgrade my Insight Managers? Do I even need the IM Agents if I'm running Insight Manager? Do I uninstall Insight Manager and use the IM Agents?

Am I misunderstanding this step?

Re: ISEE & Insight Manager or IM Agents

Some of this confusion is terminology:

There is Insight Manager - The application that monitors the health of your environment,
there are Insight Manager Agents for the Proliants that enable them to be managed.

You don't need Insight Manager (the monitoring application) for the current release of ISEE, although it is handy to have a view of your installed estate and its health. This is currently called HP SIM (stands for HP systems Insight Manager) - current version is 5.x. What you appear to have is version 4.x of this monitoring application. There are other things that this application can do, including version management, reporting, etc.

What you DO need for ISEE to work on Proliants, i.e. the pre-requisites, are the Insight Manger agents greater than version 5.4 or so. The current release of agents are 7.x. You will also need an instance of an SNMP filtering tool called OSEM available from here:

It is possible and very likely that the machine running Insight Manager (the monitoring application) also has Insight Manager (the agents) also installed.

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Re: ISEE & Insight Manager or IM Agents

Can someone tell me where can we get this IM agents? Is it part of the PSP (Proliant Support Pack)? How could we check if a Proliant server has IM agents running?

Re: ISEE & Insight Manager or IM Agents

Insight Agents are part of the Proliant Support Pack (PSP). Download from any of current HP Proliant Server driver download pages.

On windows, there should be a new icon in Control Panel called HP Management Agents. There will also be a lot of services running call "HP Insight _____ Agent". Also try https://server:2381

On NetWare, there will be a number of modules "CPQ___SA.NLM" loaded. Also try http://server:2301.