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ISEE standard to advanced

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ISEE standard to advanced

I'm moving servers from to a local spop. I have executed the change server command and get the following error returned.

This script will attempt to change your server to BCISPOP.BECKMAN.COM
and will generate a New_Installation incident.
sleeping (10 sec)
Uninstalling vendor...
Error uninstalling vendor:
Client stopped
sleeping (5 sec)
starting the Motive hpservices Daemon
ERROR: Encountered problems connecting to server. There is
likely a problem with the new server setting.
uxprodc: /opt/hpservices/RemoteSupport/bin

I have a number of servers on the spop currently.
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Re: ISEE standard to advanced


Please review mad.log for more error, seems to me, the ISEE Client is unable to communicate with the SPOP.
Try nslookup, ping, telnet spop 80, you should be able to do all three without error.

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Re: ISEE standard to advanced

This may help:

It mentions several errors, including one that sounds like yours.

What kind of a name is 'Wolverine'?
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Re: ISEE standard to advanced

I resolved this by doing.

swremove of the ISEE client
swinstall of the ISEE client
reconfigure the client to point to the spop server.

Thanks for the input.
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Re: ISEE standard to advanced

swremove client
swinstall client
conjfigure client to point to spop server