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Insight Remote Support and SIM

Francis Flan
Regular Advisor

Insight Remote Support and SIM

I'm trying to install and configure Insight Remote Support for a new EVA4400 and need some help with the config.

1) Firstly do I have to install HP SIM? (as Insight Remote Support is a plug-in for SIM as i understand)

2) I've entered the serial number and product number but do i need to enter the SAID and System Handle in the System Event Analyser window?

3) There is a section to enter email addresses and contacts - will the software email me as well as contact HP when there's a problem with the EVA?

Super Advisor

Re: Insight Remote Support and SIM

1>no. you don't have to install SIM if you only monitor 50 or fewer nodes. IRS should do it.

2>I think you need to put in your SAID there.

3>you will get email alerts as well as HP support.
Trusted Contributor

Re: Insight Remote Support and SIM

To point 2):
It's highly recommended to add at least the serial number, the exact correspondig product number and the country where the equipment is located.
In IRS Advanced (HP-SIM and IRS) the managed device's support coverage can be checked in "Remote Support Configuration and Services". If a SAID or care pack exists for this device you'll see it here.
Depending on the additional IRS services you want to use, the support agreement should be added too.

If IRS standard (without HP-SIM) is being used, this entitlement check can be done using ITRC - Warranty Check.

Regards, Werner