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Multivendor support

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Multivendor support

Hi Experts!


Will monitoring of multivendor products be supported in the new advanced version of IRS?

If yes, on which way? With agents?




Re: Multivendor support

Hi there - please check the release notes specifically page 21 - there is already support for some multivendor systems namely IBM and Dell - however please note:


Selected non-HP Servers

This release introduces remote monitoring support for selected non-HP servers and requires the installation of the

Content Level Update 1 ( software package. This product support is available to customers with a HP multivendor support or HP Integrated Support Management services contract.


Monitoring support for non-HP servers requires special attention to server entitlement data. The serial and product numbers that are discovered do usually not match the serial and product number listed in the HP support contract. For a detailed description of how to configure remote monitoring for your eligible non-HP servers through HP Insight Remote Support 7.x, please contact your HP Account Support team to setup the customization for your delivery.


The monitoring uses the vendors agents

I am an HP employee