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Problem installing ISEE- Installation suspended

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Mauro Gatti
Valued Contributor

Problem installing ISEE- Installation suspended

When I try to install ISEE I get a message that say me "installation suspended" (see swinstall log in attachment).
What is wrong?

Thank You


Ubi maior, minor cessat!
Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Problem installing ISEE- Installation suspended

Hello Mauro,
what is you HPUX version? What is the EMS/Diagnostic version? It looks like there is a missmatch to me. So please provide this to me and I might be able to give you some further help. I ansure I have seen this before but cannot really remember the solution. Some more informations might help me to remember.
Mauro Gatti
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem installing ISEE- Installation suspended

I hope this is what You need.

leo# uname -a
HP-UX leo B.11.11 U 9000/800 1136991517 unlimited-user license

leo# swlist
# Initializing...
# Contacting target "leo"...
# Target: leo:/

# Bundle(s):

B2435EB B.13.45.01 Object COBOL/UX Run-Time Only Bundle for (s800) HP-UX 11.11
B2491BA B.11.11 MirrorDisk/UX
B3901BA B.11.11.02 HP C/ANSI C Developer's Bundle for HP-UX 11.00 (S800)
B3929CA B.11.11 HP OnLineJFS
B3935DA A.11.13 MC / Service Guard
B5725AA B.3.4.115 HP-UX Installation Utilities (Ignite-UX)
B6960BA A.05.00 HP OpenView Storage Data Protector
B7609BA A.03.20.01 Event Monitoring Service
B8324BA A.01.03 HP Cluster Object Manager
B8342AA B.11.11.05 Netscape Communicator 4.75
B8724AA A.01.06 CIFS/9000 Client
B8725AA A.01.07 CIFS/9000 Server
BUNDLE B.11.11 Patch Bundle
BUNDLE11i B.11.11.0102.2 Required Patch Bundle for HP-UX 11i, February 2001
CDE-English B.11.11 English CDE Environment
FDDI-00 B.11.11.02 PCI FDDI;Supptd HW=A3739A/A3739B;SW=J3626AA
FibrChanl-00 B.11.11.09 PCI/HSC FibreChannel;Supptd HW=A6684A,A6685A,A5158A,A6795A
GOLDAPPS11i B.11.11.0306.4 Gold Applications Patches for HP-UX 11i, June 2003
GOLDBASE11i B.11.11.0306.4 Gold Base Patches for HP-UX 11i, June 2003
GigEther-00 B.11.11.14 PCI/HSC GigEther;Supptd HW=A4926A/A4929A/A4924A/A4925A;SW=J1642AA
HPUXBase64 B.11.11 HP-UX 64-bit Base OS
HPUXBaseAux B.11.11.0109 HP-UX Base OS Auxiliary
HWEnable11i B.11.11.0109.6 Hardware Enablement Patches for HP-UX 11i, September 2001
Ignite-UX-11-11 B.3.4.115 HP-UX Installation Utilities for Installing 11.11 Systems
J4189-11001B E.10.18 Hewlett-Packard JetDirect Printer Installer for Unix
OnlineDiag B. HPUX 11.11 Support Tools Bundle, Sep 2002
RAID-00 B.11.11.01 PCI RAID; Supptd HW=A5856A
T1456AA Java2 1.4 SDK for HP-UX
T1471AA A.03.10.002 HP-UX Secure Shell
perl B.5.6.1.C Perl Programming Language
# Product(s) not contained in a Bundle:

HAT-CLIENT A.03.30.127 HP Configuration Tracker
HP_LTT33 Library & Tape Tools - HP-UX
PHCO_23914 1.0 Enhancement support to Ultrium tape
PHCO_29960 1.0 Pthread enhancement and fixes
PHKL_24582 1.0 iCOD Support, Psets Enablement Patch
PHKL_25842 1.0 Thread Abort
PHNE_24129 1.0 libnss_dns DNS backend patch
PHSS_23446 1.0 L1000/L2000 40.48 firmware patch
PHSS_24304 1.0 ld(1) and linker tools cumulative patch
PHSS_24830 1.0 ANSI C compiler General patch
PHSS_24831 1.0 +O4/PBO compiler
PHSS_28734 1.0 OV DP5.00 patch - MA packet
PHSS_29144 1.0 OV DP5.00 patch - DA packet
PHSS_29418 1.0 OV DP5.00 patch - CC packet
PHSS_29422 1.0 OV DP5.00 patch - CORE packet
PHSS_29424 1.0 OV DP5.00 patch - CS packet
XVG 3.20 Graphic LVM Viewer
gettext 0.10.38 gettext
glib 1.2.10 glib
gtk+ 1.2.10 gtk+
libiconv 1.7 libiconv
tcpdump 3.7.2 tcpdump
vim 6.1 vim
Ubi maior, minor cessat!
Frauke Denker_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Problem installing ISEE- Installation suspended

Hello Mauro,
I think I saw the problem. The ISEE Depot you installed is for 11.22 (filename: ISEEPlatform_A.03.00.026_HP-UX_B.11.22_IA+PA.depot) but your OS is 11.11 (B.11.11). The depot you should use is the one for 11.0/11.i v1. So try this one and it should work fine.