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Problem with upgrading to Remote Support Advanced 05.30

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Problem with upgrading to Remote Support Advanced 05.30

Trying to install the new version 05.30 of RSA.
Had first 05.20 installed and tried to upgrade directly but had problem to install RSCC ver 5.30.
Instead I uninstalled all components from RSSWM and later also uninstall RSSWM. Rebooted the server.
Downloaded the new offline install solution and started to install, everything seems to go fine.
But later on in the installation it checked the connectivity to HP Backend. All time it says "Failed". When I check the connectivity in the browser it work fine. (
I can not get passed this point.
It was a issue earlier (mars) with a false connection error and the solution was to delete all ZMASTER.EDM except for that one in the /RSSWM/lib folder.
In my case there is no other ZMASTER.EDM than that one under /lib/-filder.
See attachment for error message.
Nothing useful in logs. (according to me)

All services seems to have been started.

Any help is welcome.

Best Regards
/Micke Ch
Alexander A
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Re: Problem with upgrading to Remote Support Advanced 05.30

The installation process for RSSWM not exactly stable. Never try to install or reinstall RSSWM unless you have completly removed any prior versions of everything in RSSWM. I advice you to never touch it after you get it working.

There are instructions for uninstalling RSSWM and the individual components in the manuals, it's a few hundred pages and you need to read most of it to find out how to do everything the right way. There are a lot of "(notice: if you have X and Y, you need to do Z first or...)" you may fall into but your problem doesn't sound like one of those.

Anyway, this is what I do when the stuff breaks:

If the status of your packages, in RSSWM, are "installed": click remove on them all
Verify that you do not have Webes or WCCProxy in "add/remove programs".
Uninstall RSSWM.
Verify that the services "HP Remote Support Client" and HP RSSWM-SIM Contect Service" are gone. If they are not you need to remove then from the registry and reboot again.
Move or remove the folders %programfiles%\hp\cm, %programfiles%\hp\RemoteSupport and %programfiles%\Hewlett-Packard\SWMAgent. If there are file locks a package did not uninstall, you need to figure out what process is holding it, kill it, find it in the registry and so on.
Install RSSWM.

I read somewhere that HP has a cleaning tool for this but I can't remember where it was.

Do be carefull if you need to edit the registry.

Good luck ;)

(Cleaning tool for WEBES is here: )
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Re: Problem with upgrading to Remote Support Advanced 05.30

Thanks for the answer.
I give you some points for this.

Many Thanks

/Micke Ch