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Quick question on ISEE

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Quick question on ISEE

Can this be configured to only do regular reporting? (As in Sun's Explorer.) Is there another HP product that does that? (One-way, weekly or so emails of system status to the vendor, or whomever selected.)
Jairo Campana
Trusted Contributor

Re: Quick question on ISEE

as it is your necessity ,
I need more information
ISEE permit the vendor reciving information of you systems too can connect the server and resolv problems in the server.

if your you want to report information of the server o systems for you vendor.

sotware exists that reports information and that you can publish bye internet to the vendor in format html
download depot
Stefan Stechemesser
Honored Contributor

Re: Quick question on ISEE

ISEE is a software that sends out errors generated by EMS (hardware monitoring) to a server on the HP side (backend). If nessecary, a support call is automatically generated. In addition to this, it monitors the status of the generated calls by connecting every 3 minutes via port 80 to the backend to get status information of the opened calls ("incidents"). It is also possible for support engineers to run short predefined scripts called "maps" if the system admin has allowed this via the configuration webinterface.

If you don't like the automatic call generation & monitoring, you can use EMS without ISEE. EMS is able to notifiy via SNMP, Textlog, e-mail etc. . You can add monitoring requests by calling /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig .
See also:

There is also another software call Event Notifier that is running on a seperate Workstation, but you have to make special contracts with HP ...

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