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RSP after hostname change


RSP after hostname change

Hi all,

After a solution for the following:

I've changed the hostname on an ICE 3.0 server installed on Windows Server 2008.

I've gone through the standard SQL changes for HP SIM and everything else is up and running fine with the following SQL queries:


Update devices set name='' where devicekey=''

Update hpmxuser set PersistedName='\administrator' where PersistedName='\administrator'

Update hpmxuser set PersistedName='\mxadmin' where PersistedName='\mxadmin'

Update hpmxuser set PersistedName='\handyman' where PersistedName='\handyman'

Update tasks set createdbyuser=replace(createdbyuser,'','')

Update tasks set modifiedbyuser=replace(modifiedbyuser,'','')

Update tasks set ownedbyuser=replace(ownedbyuser,'','')

sp_dropserver ''
sp_addserver '','local'


My Issue is after installing all the required RSP components and successfully submitting config data via the RSSM - I go into SIM and the Options -> Remote Support Configuration & Services link points me towards the old hostname.

The link goes to https://oldhostname:2381/isee/isee-gui-start.php.

Now this address is generated by the folling line found in isee-sim.xml (~\RemoteSupport\config)


This file in turn looks towards managementurl.xml found in the SIM directory.

The only reference I can see is yet another confusing call to what looks like a database but my scripting is a little rusty.


What I'm trying to find is where the ManagementURL might be or what it references (the %S) as its calling it from somewhere and it needs to be changed.

Manually calling the isee-gui-start.php runs the page but won't register.

Anyone struck this issue or know where I can look?

P.S. - using SQL Express 2005


Re: RSP after hostname change

Fixed this link - loaded a Search and Replace procedure into SQl Express 2005 and replaced all old_hostname entries with the new - it found over 700 of them IN ADDITION to the adivsed places in the change hostname whitepaper.

Re: RSP after hostname change

As last post - SQL find/replace of hostname - working outside of the SIM hostname change whitepaper