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RSP not working through SIM

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Daniel Campbell UTPA
Occasional Advisor

RSP not working through SIM

I've seen this situation pop up in several threads, but I do not like the recommended solutions. (Reinstall SIM from scratch)

I receive the following error when trying to run Warranty and Contract Collections from the SIM interface:

"There was no response from the Service Essentials Remote Support Pack client and/or the remote back-end contract and warranty service at Verify the Service Essentials Remote Support Pack client service is running, properly configured and that the HP SIM server has access to the internet."

I have already ensured that the RSP service is running, and that the "Test Connectivity" through RSSM passes. I can retrieve entitlement info from Remote Support Configuration and Services within SIM, but this does not update the info in the SIM db.

I am running SIM 5.2 SP2 on a PHYSICAL box with Win2K3 Ent. SP2.

Version Info:
Extensions for HP SIM on Microsoft Windows 1.0
HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager 3.4
HP Insight Control Management 2.35
HP Insight Power Manager 1.40
HP Performance Management Pack 4.7.1
HP Virtual Machine Management Pack 3.5
Insight Control Environment Advisor 2.35
ProLiant Essentials Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack 2.2.2
Rapid Deployment Pack 3.80
Remote Support Configuration and Services 1.0
Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager 1.10 SP1

The last successful update I received on Warranty Contract info was on 2/20/2009. Since then, it appears that it has stopped functioning. Has anyone found a viable solution to this problem that does NOT involve a complete reinstall of hpSIM?

Thank you,
Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Re: RSP not working through SIM

Contract and warranty data collection has stopped at the end of Feb 2009 for RSP 5.10 due to a bug that involved a file consuming disk space exponentially. You need to update to RSP 5.2x to re-enable it.

I did the update just yesterday, and there is no need to update to SIM 5.3 (which I didn't want to do).

To upgrade, run this on your CMS:
C:\Program Files\HP\SWMAgent\Installers\SWMUpgrade\setup.exe

Follow the instructions closely, and do NOT close the dialog page until it's all finished. The total upgrade process took over 2 hours here... but no user interaction is required.

It will re-download and re-install everything, including OSEM and WEBES, no matter if you have the correct version or not, but I didn't loose any settings. However WEBES took quite a while to get stabilized, as it had to rediscover all my devices.

Good luck
Daniel Campbell UTPA
Occasional Advisor

Re: RSP not working through SIM

Thank you for this information! I guess I must have missed the bulletin or notification (if there was one). I am installing the upgrade now - will post when complete.