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RSSWM corrupt, how to tell installed versions

Alice Seeley
Frequent Advisor

RSSWM corrupt, how to tell installed versions

I have a corrupt version of remote software manager, is there a way from the SIM server to type a command in to find out the versions that are installed of insight remote support advanced and all the components? We are in process of testing new versions of SIM and RSP but need to confirm what is currently installed.

Re: RSSWM corrupt, how to tell installed versions

Hi Alice,

some of the components that are installed as part of IRSA you can see in add/remove programs, where you can see their versions, like:
- HP Insight Remote Support (you need to click on "Click here for support information" to be able to see a version)
Hewlett-Packard Remote Support Client
- HP Remote Support Configuration Collection
- HP Webes 6.x

There is no RSSWM agent in add/remove progrmas, therefore if your HP Insight Remote Support is 5.50, RSSWM could be also 5.30 or 5.40.

Keep in mind that you need to have IRSA 5.50 if you have HP SIM 6.x