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Running SIM and RSP in a VMware


Running SIM and RSP in a VMware

--Post deleted by Forums team--

Hosting RSP on a VMware server is not supported, HP is currently working on possible solutions for this, See more details below.



Re: Running SIM and RSP in a VMware

HP has removed this post because the content outlined a solution that would only work if a customer was using a third party for hardware support. The usage of Insight Remote Support Advanced (formerly known as HP Remote Support Pack) or any of the components icluding OpenService Event Manager (OSEM) and Web Based Enterprise Services (WEBES) is liscensed under the following conditions:

Hewlett-Packard service tool software, including associated documentation, is the property of and contains confidential technology of Hewlett-Packard Company or its affiliates. Service customer is hereby licensed to use the software only for activities directly relating to the delivery of, and only during the term of, the applicable services delivered by Hewlett-Packard or its authorized service provider. Customer may not modify or reverse engineer, remove or transfer the software or make the software or any resultant diagnosis or system management data available to other parties without Hewlett-Packard's or its authorized service provider's consent.

See for full details.

HP recognizes the request to offer HP Insight Remote Support Advanced in a supported Windows virtual Central Management Server (CMS) environment and is currently investigating a possible solution. However, HP would always recommend its use directly on a dedicated Windows CMS as this is far more efficient when using I/O intensive applications including HP Insight Remote Support, particulary for customers with larger environments.


The Forums team

Re: Running SIM and RSP in a VMware

Thread closed per Pablo's message.
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Re: Running SIM and RSP in a VMware

Shame on HP for con'ing customers into purchasing hardware when a few lines of text in an XML file(s) is what prevents the software from working in a virtual environment.

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Re: Running SIM and RSP in a VMware

Well at least they remained transparent by giving a justification, they could have deleted the post outright.

If some customers are ready to go as far as hacking configuration files to make RSP work in a VM, and post the instructions here, I'm sure someone will notice and take measures to offer the possibility in the future.