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WEBES - [WBEMAnalysisClient.invokeRule()] No such ManagedEntity

Jeff Kargus
Occasional Contributor

WEBES - [WBEMAnalysisClient.invokeRule()] No such ManagedEntity

I am getting this error in the WEBES logs when I send a test event from my HPUX server. I have a second CMS in my environment and am able to point this server to it and get a successful response.. as below.

(On the working server the log looks like this:


INFO:   2011-08-24 09:13:43.161 -0400

    Thread: Thread-27: com.hp.svctools.wbem.analysisclient.WBEMAnalysisClient


    HPSIM discoverProtocols for: blhb4b5.reitho.corp supported protocols HTTP:1.0; WBEM:1.0; SSH:SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.6p1+sftpfilecontrol-v1.3-hpn13v7; SMH:2.0 os name =hp-ux b.11.23)


 On the problem CMS I get the following.


WARNING:   2011-08-24 09:46:13.179 -0400

   Thread: Thread-27: com.hp.svctools.wbem.analysisclient.WBEMAnalysisClient


   [WBEMAnalysisClient.invokeRule()] No such ManagedEntity: 2c927eaa2f278b16012f279532ce00aa


So far I tried  deleting managed server  from HPSIM  and managed entity form SEA/restart DESTA and rediscover managed server.


 HPUX 11.23


IRSA 5.50


                Any suggestions?


Esteemed Contributor

Re: WEBES - [WBEMAnalysisClient.invokeRule()] No such ManagedEntity

The message looks like your event source is not correct registered in the WEBES environment of the the second SIM

Go to the SEA / WEBES GUI https://your_simServer:7906  and check the managed entities to see if SN / PN / Contact/ Site or Country Code is missing. Sometime you have a bigger delay until your SIM object is transfered to the WEBES Desta_Serivce.