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errors in the log files

Scott Sievers
Frequent Advisor

errors in the log files

While reading through the log files I noticed some errors.

Errors from simUpdateHandler.log

SIM Update Message Handler | Error retrieving the noticeId from the datastore return code 1, please check the log file for details.

SIM Update Message Handler | The notice id could not be retrieved from the data store, cannot continue.

SIM Update Message Handler | Failed loading the data into SIM.

MessageRouterLog | error | msgRouter.cxx:652 | failed calling the UserName: SimUpdateHandler script C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\RemoteSupport\bin\simUpdateHandler.bat returned an error code: 5

SubmitIncident | error | extSubmitProxiedIncident.cxx:101 | Client is not in a valid state for submittals

In the AutoEnable.log I see a Failure calling runRsec.cmd and a Failure calling oosRegistrationEvent.bat, however oosEnablement.cmd is succesfully called.

How should I go about troubleshooting this?
Juan B.S.R.
Trusted Contributor

Re: errors in the log files

Hi Scott.
Did you solve this error?
Thanks in advance.
Scott Sievers
Frequent Advisor

Re: errors in the log files

I never figured out how to fix these or what they were actually errors for. They continue to occur to this day.